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So that your little ones have nothing to envy the child stars, offer them a swimsuit that matches their good mood!  On the program: bright and refreshing colors, fun and creative shapes, and finally, patterns specially designed for them.

Thanks to the many sizes available, you can choose the same swimsuit for several of your children, even if they are not the same age! The high quality of the children’s swimwear will allow them to have fun in the water or on the sand with complete peace of mind. And don’t forget: with maillotdebain.fr, it’s joy, trend and comfort guaranteed on the beach!

Because children are also entitled to their moment of glory on the beach, maillotdebain.fr has selected for you a wide range of swimwear for little girls, little boys and even for babies. And to make sure you make the right choice for your child, here are a few tips for choosing a suitable model that will surely please your toddlers.

Looking for a baby swimsuit?

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If you are looking for a baby swimsuit, before studying the aesthetics of the swimsuits, you should first look at one criterion: the safety of your child in the sun. Because the sun is very harmful for a baby, you should choose swimsuits that offer anti-UV protection.

Before 3 months, opt for a small panty that you will put over your child’s diaper but don’t forget to put a cotton t-shirt on him to avoid direct exposure.

From 3 to 24 months, you can replace the cotton tee-shirt with a top made of a waterproof and anti UV UPF 50 material. On maillotdebain.fr you will find colorful baby tops, in pastel shades and prints, cute and trendy. With this, your baby will melt all his beach neighbors! And for a reinforced sun protection, you can choose full UV protection suits, your baby will have a real little surfer look with it!

If your baby is not yet potty trained, there is a diaper swimsuit for kids. Diaper suits are available up to 12 months of age and will keep your child comfortable at the pool and beach.

A swimsuit for a little boy: which shape to choose?

If your child plays sports at the beach or simply moves around a lot, he needs a comfortable swimsuit that stays in place in all circumstances! In this case, choose a close-fitting swimsuit like a boxer or swim brief. Made of stretchy material, they allow your child to play and move around in the water and sand without being embarrassed. Kids’ briefs and boxers are also recommended if you’re taking advantage of the summer to sign your little guy up for swimming lessons.

If your boy wants to look like his daddy, you’ll also find kids’ swim shorts made of fabric, ideal for a grown-up look! Exotic and colorful prints in pastel and summer colors, your child will be on top of the trend.

Swimsuit for girls: a look as trendy as mom!

Finally, it is obvious that the dream of every little girl is to look like her mom, even on the beach! So why not match your swimsuits? This fun and original idea is perfectly feasible thanks to our wide range of women’s swimwear and girls’ swimwear. Bandeaus, bustiers, shortys, triangles…

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