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The sun is quite harmful to our hair, which is particularly delicate and fragile, like all the other cells in our body. There is nothing you can do to avoid being affected by the sun’s scorching rays. But you can protect your hair from the sun and prevent it from becoming unsightly during the summer. There are sunscreens, sprays and serums that absorb the sun’s harmful rays. These three solutions are worth considering in the coming months to protect your hair from the sun!

The effects of sunlight on your hair

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Sunlight is a particularly damaging factor for blonde hair. When the sun shines on the hair, the color darkens, creating a darker look that will evolve over time. The best product to protect hair from the sun is Osmose Hair Shield®. This is a very popular product, especially for blondes. Osmose recommends using it every time you have exposed your hair to the sun for a few hours. It absorbs the sun’s harmful rays, so your hair won’t retain any signs of damage or discoloration.

Avoid sun exposure and hair damage

First, use special sprays with SPF (sun protection factor) that provide protection. SPF 15 is recommended. Look for sunscreens that have a high SPF because they penetrate the hair well. Also, avoid going outside during the hottest hours, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Finally, use a hat and sunglasses to cover the front and back of your head. Also, avoid putting too much oil or petrolatum on your hair immediately after washing it.

Protect your tresses from UV radiation

UV radiation is a particular element of the sun that penetrates our skin deeply. This radiation penetrates our body and hair cells very deeply, causing burns in our scalp, which could damage it. This can even contribute to hair loss, so be careful not to repeat the same mistakes. Protecting your hair is quite easy, although it must be done methodically. It is best to protect it from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. You can do this by wearing a hat, such as a cap or a wide-brimmed visor. On hot or windy days, a large hat offers better sun protection than a small one, because the fabric covers the hair better.

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