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Only a few decades ago choosing bathing costumes for men went like this: a one-piece for the greatest sportsmen, trunks for models and Bermuda shorts for those who don’t belong to either of those categories. But this period is long gone.

Things aren’t complicated. It’s just that now it is common to select the style best suited to your shape and activities in which you will be partaking. In any case, a bathing costume that brings out your best and makes you feel good is ideal, don’t you think?


Well, which bathing suit have you decided on, guys?

Choosing a bathing suit adapted to its uses

It’s obvious that you will not wear the same thing for playing volleyball, doing lengths in the pool or on the beach on holiday. You should therefore purchase several bathing suits which are perfectly suited to your activities.

Bathing suits: swimming trunks

Few men buy these and yet, swimming trunks are much more hygienic. They are particularly recommended in the pool. In summer, they guarantee a perfect tan.

Bathing suits: beach shorts

Original Board short, reaching mid-thigh, are excellent and versatile bathing suits. Suitable for every generation, they allow you to partake in multiple activities: tanning, intense water sports etc.


Men’s beach shorts: my Apollo physique stands out to make girls swoon!


Bathing suits: combat shorts

Cheap fight shorts are the surfer’s friend, but not only them. Similar to a piece of clothing, it is rarely lined with netting. If you’re not comfortable with that, don’t hesitate to wear boxers underneath to optimise your comfort.

Adapting bathing suits to your shape

It’s not only women who dread wearing a swimsuit. Whether you are slender or a little chubby, being aware of your shape is already a huge step forwards.

If you are well built, swimming trunks will look great on you. They will emphasise your powerful muscles. The good support that they bring will be an asset for practising sport on the beach or in the water. But maybe you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of swimming trunks even if you are proud of your Apollo-esque physique? In this case, boxers will be perfect. If not, short trunks which finish mid-thigh or three-quarters of the way down will be perfect for you.

Beach shorts are best suited for those who are between 1.7m and 1.85m. The taller you are, the longer the shorts can be. If you are stocky, avoid styles that fall at the knee. They will accentuate your plumpness.


Match your bathing suit to your shape!

If you are of a smaller size, focus on something more like boxer shorts or briefs. They will create a balance in your shape. Don’t be afraid of buying a tight costume. They don’t need to be super tight but you shouldn’t be floating inside of it.

Combat shorts are made for those above 1.85m. If you are rather thin, avoid styles which cling to the body. They will highlight the lack of width, which is unflattering. Knee-length would be ideal.

Prints, motifs, colours: which style to choose?

Men are often searching for a way to simplify their lives. When you buy a bathing suit, you sometimes think what you will also wear everyday, in the evening as well as on the beach. It is true that it is possible but remember the first use of the swimsuit men is to keep comfortable.

Being original on holiday is a sign of being able to take life easily. Therefore there are practically no restrictions. The one rule you must never break: choose a colour that suits your skin tone.

Quite pale men should avoid beige, white and pale colours at all costs. If not, you must have a vibrant original print which will contrast with the background. Red, fluorescent pink or electric blue tones are allowed.

Are you lucky enough to be well tanned? Dare to wear warm tones that will bring out this pallid complexion. On the other hand, avoid 100% fluorescent swimwear. Once you are out of the water, the transparency is not always good.

Dark colours are classic and therefore timeless. The annoying thing is that they bear the effects of the sun badly. Thus, discolouration will happen faster. Besides, black and navy blue retain heat. When the sun is at its peak, it’s not very comfortable.

Concerning print, every style is welcome. Wear your swimming costume with checks, flowers, exotic or geeky motifs! It’s time to let go and reveal your personality. To look good, think about wearing sunglasses.


Patterned long beach shorts

Now it’s up to women, here is the advice to choose the bathing suit best suited to your shape!

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