2017 swimsuit trends: this summer, girls will definitely have fun!

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Every year, we wait for summer to come around to find out what the latest swimsuit trends are. From the one-piece to the must-have bikini, you will be overwhelmed with choice to find the perfect swimsuit for you and one that will show off your tan.

The one-piece makes it’s big comeback

In 2017, the one-piece made a reappearance. Often associated with more mature ladies, the one-piece swimsuit has been updated to fit the tastes of today’s woman, no matter what age, to give off a chic and glamorous allure. The classic one-piece has maintained the bustier style, with a large knot in the middle of the chest to give off an air of glamour or a plunging neckline for a sexier, younger look.

• My one-piece will have colourful prints

It is easy to make this one-piece wish come true. You can play with colours. The 2017 colour trend is blue, green and pink for those who prefer pastel shades, and dazzling colours like red and yellow for those who prefer bright. Prints for all tastes. You will discover numerous one-piece swimsuit collections in seventies styles, will polka dots or floral motifs, tribal designs, and even gingham. Swimsuits with motifs and multi-coloured stripes are also incredibly chic.

• My one-piece will be monotone and lace-up


Dare to try sexy swimsuits with laces

If you prefer monotone swimsuits, why not try a white or black one-piece with laces. The laces can cross on the sides or at the front of the costume to accentuate your curves and enhance your femininity. Certain models have laces on the back to create a unique style.

New materials and new patterns for two-piece swimsuits

The bikini remains a summer staple. Other classic models remain must-have pieces, but the 2017 collections place an emphasis on textile choice. If you like neoprene swimsuits, you will love supple materials like lace or English embroidery. It’s all about choosing a material that suits your personality.

• My two-piece swimsuit will have exotic and ethnic patterns

Bikinis for summer 2017 have big floral motifs and geometric patterns. Little flowers or big exotic ones, there are styles that will match your personality, whether you are a calm person or a wild child. Other 2017 trends: ethnic motifs. Brands like swimsuit Rio de Sol are principally inspired by African, aztec and latino patterns in the creation of their swimsuits.

• My bikini will have fringing or crochet elements


Luli fama fringed swimsuits

Fringed bikinis form a huge part of 2017 summer trends with a two-piece swimsuit, you are free to choose if you want fringing for your bikini top in order to enhance your cleavage. What’s more, this fringing can be on bandeau or triangle styles to enhance smaller chests.

Whether it be small fringing along the neckline, or longer fringing that goes down to your belly button, you will easily be able to find the style that suits your body shape. And if you have a boyish figure, you may prefer to have fringing on your bikini bottoms. Very sexy with a gypsy-style twist.

Luli fama crochet swimsuits are also a great choice for the summer season. You can choose from styles that use this look completely or just elements of it. There is a huge variety of colours to choose from. You can opt for the crochet piece that matches your preferences. You also have the possibility of choosing a style with crochet elements on the bikini top or around the hips on the bikini bottoms.


Luli fama crochet swimsuit

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