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Why do we love Havaianas and its mythical flip-flop?

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You probably know the Brazilian brand Havaianas from its famous multicolored rubber flip-flops. Did you know that Havaianas is also a brand of sandals and espadrilles with exotic accents and sparkling colors. Rediscover this brand and let yourself be seduced by its wide range of rubber flip-flops and sandals in Brazilian colors! Choose a bold model that will make you stand out on the beach and match your women’s swimsuit with Havaianas flip-flops for a successful beach look!

We see them everywhere on the beach, we swear by them for their solidity, their comfort and their style, the havaianas flip flops are now the must-have shoes of the summer. Men, women or children, to each his pair! But before knowing this worldwide success, the small manufacture of Brazilian flip-flops had to make a reputation… I propose you a small return on the origins of the success of the brand of the famous open shoe!

Havaianas: A little history…

Although the havaianas flip-flop is very fashionable nowadays, this mythical flip-flop is not new! Created in 1962, it was inspired by the Zori, a Japanese shoe made from rice straw.

That’s why it has this unique and emblematic feature on its sole: the raised dots represent grains of rice! (Yes, yes I assure you!). By the way, did you know that the name havaianas simply means Hawaii in Portuguese? (Another discovery!). The shoe was an almost instant success with Brazilians and since the 90s, it is worn worldwide. Since then, it has continued to evolve: more and more colors, printed models, limited collections… While keeping this shape and design specific to the brand.

Havaianas: The family is growing!

Following this success, Havaianas also launched a range of rubber sandals for women and more recently espadrilles in Europe. Comfortable and contemporary, the espadrilles combine the Mediterranean style of this traditional shoe with the modernity of the iconic havaianas sole. This range was launched following an observation: if Brazilians are lucky enough to be able to wear flip-flops all year round, this is not the case for Europeans, so why not offer them havaianas in spring and autumn. And it’s a winning bet for the Brazilian brand because we literally fall for these espadrilles made in Brasil like no other!

Why we love havaianas flip-flops?

If the shoe is the pride of all Brazilians, it is not for nothing! Comfortable and pleasant to wear, the havaianas flip-flop has not aged since its creation, it is a timeless shoe. With it you are sure to remain in the air of time!

For those who love walking in the sun, the havaianas flip-flop is also made for you. Its rubber sole is very solid, it does not sag with time and does not smell! Finally, we love this shoe for its colorful look that instantly brings pep to a beach outfit and of course a little touch of Brazil!

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