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How to choose the right pair of flip-flops for summer?

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Choosing your flip-flops, a matter of style and health

That’s it, summer is fast approaching! It’s time to swap your closed shoes for THE shoe of the summer: the flip-flop.¬† Practical, light and economical, they are the symbol of vacation and have everything to seduce. However, it is better to choose your flip-flops with care because according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) “50% of flip-flop wearers have experienced pain or at least discomfort at some point”.
Here are some expert tips on how to choose the right flip-flops.

Prioritize comfort above all

It is true that the choice to wear flip-flops is mainly motivated by their practicality. Flip-flops allow you to protect yourself from the hot sand or to walk around the pool without slipping, but also to quickly take off your shoes to get into the water. However, it is not uncommon for flip-flops to be worn for walking around town or for other activities of varying lengths. Depending on the material used for their manufacture, the prolonged wearing of the famous Y-shaped shoe can cause discomfort. To summarize, remember that there are four types of materials  :

  • Plastic: low-end material, offers the first price flip-flops, this material has the disadvantage of promoting chafing and blisters. It is therefore strongly discouraged;
  • Rubber: mid-range material, this material is often used for the soles. It offers a better adherence to the foot and a longer life to the flip-flop;
  • Eva: a popular material, it offers the advantage of good cushioning thanks to its elasticity;
  • Leather: natural and timeless, leather has the advantage of absorbing perspiration and a better comfort for the foot.

The material of your flip-flop is an important choice for the comfort of your feet but also, by extension, your back and your whole body since the feet are the base.

Leave room for color and fantasy

If you’ve found the right flip-flop, now go for it! It’s summer so try colors, rhinestones, beads and original designs. Fashion wants flip-flops to be renewed every summer season so do not deprive yourself! You can embellish the feet that wear the lucky ones with jewelry such as toe rings or anklets. In short, try to dress up your feet in a flashy yet light way. Remember to match your outfit with your flip-flops for the most fashionable look!

Flip-flops are not the best footwear to support your feet: opt for thick strappy flip-flops for your beach outings, but prefer semi-closed shoes if you decide to go out on the town! This will avoid all the joint problems that their prolonged use can cause.

I hope now that you will know how to choose your pair of flip-flops for this summer, but also your swimsuit !

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