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Trendy beach bag: what type of bag to choose?

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When a woman goes to the beach, she doesn’t just put on a bathing suit and jump into the water. She takes with her a whole series of beach accessories: a towel to lie on the beach, a pair of sunglasses to avoid glare, sun cream to protect her skin, or tanning activators and gas pedals. How to carry all these accessories? Thanks to the beach bag of course!

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Different beach bags for different styles and occasions advises you on different models that will adapt to all situations. First of all, the beach bag: round, soft and simple, the small flap which acts as a closure allows you to store all your small beach stuff inside. Usually worn as a shoulder bag, the besace can also be transformed into an elegant bag for your evenings in the leather versions with a handle. But the most suitable handbag for the evening remains the clutch. If you’re looking for a small beach bag, but the clutch and clutch bag seem too dressy, we also offer purses, with or without bangs and with or without a shoulder strap. For more comfortable bags, choose one of our backpacks, or one of our tote bags, the very fashionable canvas bag that can perfectly serve as your daily handbag! And for a traditional beach bag, how about the essential basket?

The trendy beach bags: tropical, original, from hot countries!

On we advise you all the forms of trendy beach bags mentioned above! Everyone will be able to find the beach bag they like. From the smallest size, for women who prefer to take only the essentials, to the largest models of beach bags, for those who anticipate all eventualities, the bag brands we have selected offer practical bags AND unique style. Inspired directly by Latin countries, their exotic look will match our swimsuits perfectly.

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