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Which shoe with a summer dress?

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Any woman will tell you: shoes are an integral part of the look. But you want to know more specifically what shoes to wear with a summer dress? Brazilian-swimwear advises you to give you trendy and comfortable shoes for the summer. All you have to do is choose the model that suits you best.

Open summer shoes, to let your feet breathe!

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The most practical shoes are without a doubt flip-flops : once you arrive at the beach, you can take them off in no time. Flip-flops have become real fashion accessories and brands like Havaianas have built their success on these little unisex shoes. This world-famous summer shoe, whose straps, which meet to form a Y, separate your first toe from your other toes, will bring you comfort and ease. Flip-flops can be worn on the warm sand at the beach or near the edge of a pool.

Still in the open shoe department, for walking around town, you’ll probably prefer sandals. Attached to the back of the foot, those also called barefoot, rhyme with elegance and comfort. As an alternative to flip-flops, they manage to dress your feet while leaving them in the open air. This allows your feet to continue to breathe, even in high temperatures. Show off your feet in these little open shoes and don’t hesitate to sublimate the whole thing with a colorful polish and an ankle bracelet.

Closed summer shoes, for maximum comfort!

On the other hand, for those who prefer closed shoes, ballerinas are timeless. With their look of dance shoes, they are suitable for all women, at and all ages. They give, to those who wear them, the grace of the most beautiful dancers. Flat and pleasant to wear, ballerinas are not without charm. Available in different colors and with different patterns, no woman can resist them. And above all, they have a huge advantage: they are suitable for all occasions and are perfect shoes with a summer dress. Finally, you have probably noticed, for a few years the espadrilles are making a comeback!

Seen on the feet of many stars, the little Catalan shoe, although fully closed, manages to make your feet breathe thanks to its canvas fabric. Natural textiles are indeed known to be breathable materials. In addition, the espadrilles are as comfortable as slippers, which will allow you to say goodbye to your little foot pain. And besides, you can keep them on your feet once you get home: they will work perfectly as slippers. Suitable for both men and women, espadrilles come in a variety of forms: lace-up, two-tone, or even with a heel… Choose from the wide range of espadrilles offered by You’re bound to find the right shoe for you.

Dressed in a pretty bikini, draped in your exotic sarong and wearing your best summer shoes, you’ll be the most beautiful girl on the beach!

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