The one-piece swimsuit: the swimming costume that will suit all body shapes

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For some, finding a swimming costume is easy. For others, not so easy. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a figure like you see in magazines. The little imperfections we usually prefer to hide can be harder to hide when you don your swimsuit. So leave your body complexes and worries behind with a one-piece swimsuit that will make you feel much more secure.

There is no ideal shape needed for a one-piece

When you’re a woman, finding a piece of clothing that suits you can often be a nightmare. Your chest is too big or too small, your stomach has stretch marks, your hips are uneven…the list of little imperfections can soon become very long.

And once you work out what your body shape is, you have to find something that suits it, even if you don’t like it that much. But your worries will be over if you choose a one-piece swimsuit. Enhance your figure by focusing on the details.

For those with a more ample chest, the top of the swimsuit should be triangle or halterneck in style

If you are a C-cup or larger and you struggle with having a larger chest, there’s no need to miss out on a day at the beach. Simply adjust the top of your halterneck or triangle swimsuit to give you more support. Make sure to look at strap styles: the bigger the strap, the more supported your chest will be. If you prefer to cover up your chest, choose a swimsuit that will help you do so.

If, on the other hand, you are proud of your assets, go for the triangular shaped neckline. Then you will have a cleavage that women dream of. Of course, you will need to choose the right size to get maximum support and to prevent your cleavage from spilling out.

Those with smaller chests should opt for a 1-piece push-up swimsuit


The one-piece: glamour for every body shape.

Most women with smaller chests feel less feminine. But why get such a complex? Just choose a one-piece with a cut that suits your body shape.

It is tempting to pick styles that are stuffed with padding to try to enhance your cleavage, but this just makes it look unnatural.

Instead, go for a more structured style such as the push-up. Your swimsuit women will give the illusion that you have a more ample chest than you actually do. Do not hesitate to give frills a try as these will create more volume.

Brazilian, traditional, boy-short: pick a legline for your one-piece

Once the problem of the top half has been resolved, it’s time to move on to the bottom half. To hide a paunch, go for a sculpting model, with a high waistline. Opt for dark colours (chocolate, grey, black…) and do not be afraid to try vertical stripes that will break up the impression that you’re being held in.

Those with a more rectangular body shape should wear a one-piece with a belt to create a greater silhouette. Frills on the hip area can also enhance your curves.

If you have bigger hips or thighs, go for a boy-short style bottom. Your swimsuit won’t dig in at all, leaving you feeling more at ease.

If you are proud of your body, anything goes: brazilian, scalloped edging, push-up…A little draping never goes amiss, but make sure it’s not too much so you don’t end up losing your shape.

All in all, anyone can wear a one-piece but choose it well. With all the different styles that exist, you’ll definitely be able to find THE swimsuit for you! However, if you favour a bikini, choose one that suits your body shape

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