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If summer means bikini and sexy attitude for you, the swimwear brand Luli Falma will delight you! The American brand offers a wide range of bold and colorful two-piece swimwear, as well as beachwear with tropical and animal prints. No doubt, these trendy pieces will awaken the lioness in you and won’t make you go unnoticed on the beach this summer! Triangle, bandeau, fringed, push-up and low-cut, tanga or with strings… Whatever your morphology, you will surely find what you are looking for among Luli Fama women’s swimsuits!

No more two-piece swimsuits that are too simple and wise, but modern bikinis, worked and ultra-sexy for a mermaid look on the beach with Luli Fama ! Thanks to flashy and pastel color combinations, the brand has created its own swimwear design, which is both sophisticated and festive, ideal to reveal the personality of fun and bubbly girls like you! I propose you a quick look at the origin of the success of this American brand.

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Luli Fama, a fashionable brand made in Miami

It is following the meeting of Luli and Augusto, two swimwear designers, that the brand Luli Farma was born in 2003. It is near the coasts of Miami that Lourdes alias “Luli” the creator of the brand draws its inspiration, by drawing its ideas at the same time the fashion of its Cuban origins and the American tendencies. Her goal: to sublimate women by playing on details and tricks to harmonize the volumes of the silhouette with her bikinis, monokinis and dresses.

And it’s a promise kept! The tops of swimsuits worked, with bangs or embroidery instantly create an effect of voluminous chest while the triangles and halter tops perfectly shape the generous breasts. The same goes for thongs, which enhance small buttocks, and low-cut panties, which elongate the figure of fuller women. In short, Luli Farma is the brand that makes you beautiful and sensual!

Luli Fama, the favorite swimsuit of American stars!

If you dream of looking like a model in a bikini, Luli Farma bikinis are the ones that American celebrities want to wear. Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens, Adriana Lima, Kate Udson, Nicole Scherzinger, Shakira and even Beyonce are fans! So want to look like a celebrity? You know what to buy!

Why do we love Luli Fama swimwear?

Because we love South American inspirations of course! And this American-Cuban line is really a success. We love everything: the variety of shapes, the colors, the prints and the braided, beaded, embroidered and glittered details that really make the charm of the swimwear. Want to discover more?

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