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How to choose a nice swimsuit?

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It’s a fact: we love to pamper our little ones! All year long we are looking for THE dress that will make our little one’s head spin, or the Spider-Man figurine that our little prince dreams of! And yes, we are definitely parents-cakes…

Summer is coming, and you are looking for a nice original swimsuit for your little girl? Does she only like very colorful clothes? She already has a strong character? Does she envy your two-piece swimsuit to parade around like mom? Maaji and other Brazilian or Colombian brands offer ultra colorful swimsuits, just like those for adults, full of patterns and fun prints! And if your princess changes her mind like a flowery dress, some swimsuits are reversible, and without seams to be free of her movements!

Because children also have the right to have a nice swimsuit to make sand castles on the beach or to frolic in the pool, swimsuits come in all shapes, princess swimsuits with ruffles or frills, tankini (small tshirt) or even bi-materials taken out of the fairy tales.

children's swimsuit

2-piece children’s swimsuit – Maaji


And as always, we take good care of the little eyes of Princess and Little Boy, with adapted sunglasses, a high sun protection and a hat! UV protection is very important at any age, and for young children too.

blue swimsuit

1-piece kids swimsuit – Maaji

What style of swimsuit are you going to choose for your child?

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