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Beach accessories: the must-have trends for summer!

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Wearing a nice swimsuit is good. But with accessories, it’s better! To be on top of the trend, combine your swimsuit and your child’s with a colorful floral sarong. Choose summer flip-flops in exotic colors and wear your favorite hat! Apply sunscreen, Tahitian monoi, or any other cosmetic product with a pleasant scent and put on your most beautiful jewelry! Don’t forget your beach towel so you can bask in the sun, and your beach bag to store all your little things! Relaxation is on the agenda, so don’t leave out any details!

Don’t forget to protect your eyes with a pair of glasses!

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The jewels and ephemeral tattoos, the obligatory trendy accessories at the beach!

Who says fashion accessory, says inevitably jewels! By matching them with an ultra trendy ephemeral tattoo, that you will change every day according to your desires, the result will be very harmonious. So, will you prefer colorful earrings, Brazilian bracelets to place on your wrist, a chic and sparkling ankle bracelet, or will you be tempted by exotic necklaces?

Monoi oil and cosmetics, beauty accessories to use at will this summer

Your jewelry won’t be the only thing breathing the scent of the tropics. Coat your body with Tiaré Monoi to accelerate your tanning and perfume your skin with the scent of the islands. To continue to smell this sweet fragrance at home, don’t hesitate to wash with Tiki soap made from Tahitian Monoi. It deeply moisturizes your skin and limits the effects of minerals in the water that dry out your skin. In the shower, take the opportunity to nourish your dry and damaged hair with Monoi oil shampoo. It will make your hair shiny and silky. If you prefer baths, you should know that monoi bath salt also exists! Once you get out of the bath, coat your body with Tamanu oil or monoi body cream: your skin will be softer and smoother! Trust the beauty tips of Polynesian women. Accustomed to the sun’s rays and the salt of the sea, they know how to prevent the effects on their skin and hair.

And speaking of the effects of the sun, in case of long exposure to the sun, it is also necessary to have a good sun protection to avoid the premature aging of the skin cells. Thanks to their high UV index, our monoi sun creams will protect your skin from burns and sunburns. And after basking in the warm sand all summer, you won’t want to see your tan fade when you get back from vacation. Maintain your tanned complexion with our after-sun products. They prolong your tan and soften your skin. In summer, more than at any other time of the year, it is important not to skimp on body care. They sublimate the effects of the sun to keep only the positive aspects!

And many other beach accessories to enhance your summer look

Speaking of the effects of the sun, we tend to forget that the rays are also harmful to the eyes. Protect your eyes with one of our pairs of glasses chosen by us for their trendy side. Don’t forget to protect yourself from sunstroke with an adorable hat. Pack all your accessories in your pretty hand embroidered beach bag, wrap yourself in a pretty ethnic sarong, and don’t forget your towel! So, ready to go for a dip.

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